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Toronto-based electronic music artist Rhyot welcomes the 'dystopian present' with his gritty trademark sound of cinematic dark electro.

Rhyot (pronounced "riot") is an American-Canadian electronic musician known for his dark, cinematic, and dystopian style. Drawing influence from a variety of genres, including techno, electro, industrial, alternative, and progressive, Rhyot creates evocative and captivating dance music that immerses audiences and inspires expression.

In March 2018, Rhyot launched Emercive Recordings, an independent Canadian imprint that has quickly risen to become a leading force in the electronic music scene. The label's debut compilation "Converge, Vol. 1" introduced the world to its unique sound, and Rhyot's cinematic club-pounding single "Army of the Dead" received support from Grammy-nominated producer deadmau5. The "Converge" series has continued to push the boundaries of electronic music, topping several Beatport charts and cracking the global top 10, with the third volume, a 19 track double LP released in December of 2019, solidified as the imprint’s most accomplished record to date.

Rhyot followed Emercive's successes with the release of his concept debut EP "In Ruin" in February 2020. The imaginative release was well-received by fans, and solidified his position as a rising star in the industry. That October, fellow Toronto producer Barbosa made his Emercive debut with the (ra) EP, featuring Rhyot's remix of "Juárez". The record topped Beatport's #1 Indie Dance Releases chart, further cementing the label's position as a leader in the electronic music world. In March 2021, Rhyot and Barbosa teamed up once more for the collaborative "Unbound EP", further expanding their musical partnership.

The remainder of the year saw Rhyot release "Aphelion" on Barbosa's Heist Mode imprint, perform a short run of events in Los Angeles, release a remix of Bad Eye's "Aphotic", and host his first independently organized events in Toronto. In 2022, Rhyot made a return to Los Angeles for a debut headline performance at the underground cyberpunk event series FALLOUT, and supported Heist Mode's summer showcase in the city. He also released his second guest mix feature with industry press outlet EDM Identity and teased a number of unreleased new tracks.

In December 2022, Rhyot released "Genesis", an elaborate record that showcases his unique blend of progressive house and electronica. The single was a work in progress since its first inception in 2014, and its release was highly anticipated by fans and critics alike. With a growing reputation and a dedicated fanbase, Rhyot is poised to make even greater strides in the coming years.