My name is Garrett, I’m based in Toronto, Canada, and I am a digital media professional with 12 years experience in graphic and video production, accrued throughout my journey in the entertainment / music multimedia industry.

The sampled works displayed below span a series of my creative projects. You’ll quickly pick up on my style for artistic grunge - don’t worry, I can produce graphics approachable enough for senior living or kids’ programming adverts just as well.

Rhyot is my artist brand as a music producer and performer, drawing on grungy futurism and dystopia. Graphic applications include branding across digital platforms, music cover art, promotional and marketing assets, and more. This creative direction is used in non-musical applications as well, such as the Rhyot Twitch channel which focused primarily on gaming and commentary livestream content as an alternative way to remain connected with an audience during the lockdown phases of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Emercive is an independent Canadian electronic music record label, which has served as a creative hub for over 26+ international artists to sign and release their works to digital marketplaces for streaming and purchase around the world. The Emercive brand identity is detailed but bold, edgy but engaging, as an envelope of continuity highlighted by the unique creative visions of a diverse musical roster.

Genova Agency is a boutique artist booking and tour logistics group based here in Toronto. Launched in late 2022, Genova represents a small, tight-knit roster of North American underground musicians on the cutting edge of modern techno. Most notably to date, Genova collaboratively designed and executed the successful From Our Minds – To Be Announced warehouse tour with Richie Hawtin in March 2023. The branding and presence of Genova Agency takes a modern, independent approach, designed for public visibility and recognition rather than veiled behind an entertainment business curtain.

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