Rhyot's 'NDA' Finds Several Top Playlists in Debut Weekend

Rhyot's 'NDA' Finds Several Top Playlists in Debut Weekend

Friday June 09, 2023 saw the Emercive Recordings release of label-head Rhyot's latest single 'NDA', and a number of top Spotify playlist curators within electronic music's darker alternative spaces are leading the charge onward after the record's debut weekend.

Perhaps most notably, the team at Ultra Music Festival found a placement for the blistering single at #10/110 on their Resistance themed System Breach playlist [3,266 likes] among artists such as Mind Against, Carl Cox, Jauz, Marc Romboy, Nora En Pure, James Hype, Matroda, Adam Beyer, Green Velvet, Steve Aoki, 3LAU, Modapit, Dillon Nathaniel, Lubelski, Claude VonStroke and more.

The most followed playlist of the field is Cyberpunk 2077 by Efe Makaraci, featuring 'NDA' at #11 out of 269 songs, with an impressive 90,457 playlist followers (as of the time of writing). This playlist is currently Spotify's third largest unofficial playlist dedicated to CD Projekt Red's RPG video game of the same title starring Keanu Reeves as a non-playable character throughout the story. Worth notation, the game was based on the original 1988 tabletop role-playing game called Cyberpunk: The Roleplaying Game of the Dark Future. In 2022, Netflix released season 1 of the animated series Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, which further contributed to the increasing mainstream popularity of the franchise. Fans have turned to Spotify as a platform to explore and discover dark electronic music, which has become intricately linked to cyberpunk culture, a rapidly growing subgenre in science fiction media.

Other artists featured, spanning various styles of electronic and rock music, include ALEX, Berkan Cesur, Billy Idol, Carpenter Brut, Celldweller, The Crystal Method, Dance With the Dead, Daniel Deluxe, DEADLIFE, EDDIE, Extra Terra, Future Funk Squad, HEALTH, Hyper, Irving Force, Judas Priest, Lazerpunk, Lucielle Croft, Marcin Przybyłowicz and P.T. Adamczyk (the game's lead composers), Marilyn Manson, Matteo Tura, Ministry, NERO, Refused (and SAMURAI, a fictional band within the game portrayed by Refused), Rinzen, SIERRA, Slayer, and many more.

Dark electronic music network Aim To Head, headed up by Italian electronic music duo Scossa, showed strong support for 'NDA' with inclusions in four of their most popular themed Spotify playlists, including JOHN WICK [#80/271, 5,299 likes], CYBERPUNK 2077 [#80/257, 2,720 likes], BLOOD RAVE [#60/263, 6,117 likes], and SINFUL [#25/236, 1,632 likes], alongside many leading artists in modern dark electronic including Gesaffelstein, Matteo Tura, Tarik Bouisfi, AIRMANN, ALVABEAT, Call Me Sleeper, despite others, Hyper, Lazerpunk, Noizinski, Mobiius, Owl Vision, Revizia, Smash Stereo, Yenmania, and others.

Other notable playlists featuring 'NDA' include:
Cyberpunk 2077 by Rogue VHS [#15/46, 11,244 likes]
Also features Extra Terra, Rogue VHS, HVDES, Feed Me, Hyper, LICK, Lazerpunk, Lucielle Croft, Limbo Slice, Matteo Tura, Nero, One True God, SIERRA, and ZAHIA.

VAMPIRE RAVE by SpineSaw Records [#20/57, 19,171 likes]
Also features ALEX, TOKYO ROSE, Cassetter, Gesaffelstein, HEALTH, Lazerpunk, LICK, Limbo Slice, Matteo Tura, NERO, New Order, Nightcrawler, Owl Vision, Pendulum, Phase Fatale, SIERRA.

HIGH TECH LOW LIFE by Tineidae [#13/61, 901 likes]
Also features Cassetter, KLOUD, Noizinski, Owl Vision, Rezz, Tineidae, Voidnet, and YULTRON.

FUTURISTIC DYSTOPIA also by Tineidae [#15/64, 2774 likes]
Also features Limbo Slice, Lorn, Owl Vision, Tineidae, Voidnet, Tzafu.

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